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Do you want a stunning website without high costs?
We can help with the use of customized solutions that will fit your business.

Hosted Email Solutions
Do you need email hosting? Syncing to your new smart phone? Calendaring between Employees? We can customized a solution to meet your needs and provide the support you need for your business.
Application Developement
Do you have business processes you would like streamlined? We can project and produce applications that can speed up your repetitive tasks and make your staff more efficiant. We can also create client facing applications that will streamline your client interaction.
Website Hosting
We provide managed web hosting at a low monthly cost that includes maintenance, multiple backups, and 5 9's level redundancy. In addition our hosting system supports advanced programming through and PHP, with free mysql databases up to 1 GB and we include two free edits to your HTML based websites*.

Domain Names and SSL Certificates

We Offer Domain Name Registration and SSL Certificates at prices cheaper than leading sites.

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Human Powered Hosting

Are you fed up with your current hosting but feel trapped and need help moving? No problem - unlike other hosting companies, we will even help you transfer your existing site to us - often free of charge, so that you experience as little disruption as possible. Netcomm does not just provide web hosting - we provide a business service. If you are serious about running a business (as most of our customers are), you need support you can reach easily, and a service that delivers. If you need a hand, you can contact a skilled human being when you need help.