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Design Services

"Cost is a Factor"

While many companies try selling expensive custom designs at prices starting at one thousand dollar a page. Here at Netcomm we offer a balanced solution for small businesses with prices starting at $100 a page.

We start by providing you with several designs to use as a starting point. Then we take your logo, company colors and information to create a website that is uniquely yours. This process provides a great balance between cost and design.

"Simplicity is the Key"

In looking at todays top companies we can see that simplicity is the key to your web site's success. We have proved that simple web designs can consistently deliver better results. Your Customers Attention is a fairly finite resource, but we can do a lot about with a little. By reducing the unnecessary stuff on your pages, and you'll increase success. Most web sites are designed to please the person who did the design - not the person who has to use the site. They include content and design that may be appealing, but do nothing to help drive sales if they draw attention away from the elements that lead to success. Any fluff that is added to a site that does not directly support the site's goals by helping serve visitors will decrease the site's effectiveness.
When done effectively, simple web design lets you guide your visitors' attention to the clues that tell them they're in the right place. It shows them exactly where to go next to find what they want, with minimal distraction. It keeps them focused on the content (not the packaging of the content) and on the next steps you offer them.

Give us a call today for a free quote. If we are unavailable please leave a message and we will return your call promptly.


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Human Powered Hosting

Are you fed up with your current hosting but feel trapped and need help moving? No problem - unlike other hosting companies, we will even help you transfer your existing site to us - often free of charge, so that you experience as little disruption as possible. Netcomm does not just provide web hosting - we provide a business service. If you are serious about running a business (as most of our customers are), you need support you can reach easily, and a service that delivers. If you need a hand, you can contact a skilled human being when you need help.